Things to (not) Think About When Flirting

Flirting is an important part of dating, and is a strong signal to a woman that you are attracted to her that you need to get across. There are several ways to make this more appealing and genuine to her in contrast to seeming forced, fake, or just plain weird.

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Once you’re able to spend time with a woman you’re undoubtedly going to want to be flirty or romantic with her. This skill isn’t inherent in every man — it’s learned, and there are quite a few things you can do to step up your game as a confident male and let your partner know that you’re romantically serious.


  1. Use your Eyes

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Making eye contact is a great way to create an intimate connection with a girl or woman. Lock eyes with her for a good 4 or 5 seconds, not too long, and casually look away in a natural manner. Repeating this when you have ample opportunity or during conversations helps with the spark and lets her know you’re confident about being interested.

Looking over a woman is flattering, especially if you’re paying attention to what she has accentuated. Giving her that second look over or showing her that you’ve noticed her eyes, hair, lips, or clothing is a great way to project intimacy.

2. It’s all in the lips, it’s all in the lips

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Gently licking your lips will draw attention and make the mind wander, as well as signal that you are indeed prepared to use your lips, which is the first stage in any romantic encounter. It doesn’t have to be anything serious but it is one of those social cues that women pick up on when the time is right.

3. Making physical contact

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Non-romantic physical contact brings intimacy to the next level and will make a woman more comfortable with you in general. Being comfortable with being within physical proximity and having that physical touching is important.This can include things such as lightly touching her back, knee, or hand. Don’t overdo it — repeated or unwanted physical contact can come across as strongly unappealing and lead to a less than savory opinion of yourself to her. Don’t be intimidated to touch her in a non-sexual manner. Be classy and casual and you’ll leave her wanting more.

4. Smile!

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Smiling signals a number of things: you’re comfortable, you’re enjoying yourself, and you’re in an approachable state. This will also draw attention to your lips (as mentioned above), and show that you are at a happy enough stage in your life to be able to be smiling and having a good time.

5. Humor

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Being flirty with humor is perhaps the most effective way to engage romantically with a woman. Being able to mix humor and flirting is an attractive trait that will draw positive attention and and help create a comfortable and inviting environment to be sensual. You don’t have to tell jokes to use humor, nor do you have to even be the funniest person; speak lightheartedly and playfully and invite your romantic interest to do the same. Having a natural sense of cleverness will help in bringing a chuckle or laugh, but as always never communicate humor at your own expense, nor at the expense of anyone that makes you look derisive or cruel.

The line between being successful at flirting and being passed over is not a fine line, though it is a skill that can be developed by practicing habits naturally. Focus on the girl, not on ways to be physical or more flirty. Being genuine and becoming natural with these simple concepts will make women more attracted to you and more comfortable with being attracted to you.

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