The Art of the Necktie

Every man needs to know to tie a necktie — unless you’re a hobo. Hopefully you’ve been groomed in the basics of tying and choosing the proper necktie, but if you have not, have no fear. It’s less daunting than you might think, but still a vital skill to add to your man box.

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Tips and a General Guide for First Dates

You’ve gone through the rite of finding and successfully getting to that first date. It is natural to feel both nervous and excited. First dates can be rough and the majority of them will end before they even begin. It is an experience that you want to make the best impression that you can (if you want there to be a second date).

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How to Survive a Car Crash

Almost nobody is prepared for a car crash, whether it be a fender bender, t-bone, or a horrific head-on collision, yet chances are 1 in 100,000 that you yourself will get into a car accident of some kind. (Knock on wood.) Are there things you can do once the car crash is inevitable? Can you make split second decisions that could save your life?

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