How to Survive a Car Crash

Almost nobody is prepared for a car crash, whether it be a fender bender, t-bone, or a horrific head-on collision, yet chances are 1 in 100,000 that you yourself will get into a car accident of some kind. (Knock on wood.) Are there things you can do once the car crash is inevitable? Can you make split second decisions that could save your life?

The best way to survive a car crash is incidentally to prevent one from happening at all. There are also other things you can do to minimize the drastic effect of the accident on yourself and your car. First and foremost make sure your vehicle has sufficient insurance coverage, anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. In the long haul it’s worth the financial trouble after an accident of dealing with damages and bills. Keep your ABS (anti-lock braking system) serviced as you would your brake pads. Of course wear your seatbelt and in the proper positiion (a lot of people including myself like slipping the shoulder strap behind the back.) The chances of surviving is also much better if you are paying attention and give your body time to prepare for the collision.

Make sure you are sitting at least a foot away from the steering wheel to prevent the major injuries that could be caused by either the steering wheel or the airbag crushing into the front of your body. Don’t pump your brakes during an accident — just hold the brakes down as firmly to the floor as you can.

The positioning of your body that you want is your back flat against the back of your seat and your head flat against the back of your headrest. Hold on to the steering wheel at the ten and two o’clock positions and tighten all the muscles in your body — this will make the muscles contract which provides better protection for the bones, nerves, and vital tissues. Keep your arms straight, your wrists flat, and your legs as close to the contour of the seat as you can get them while pressing don the brakes.

If you are worried about getting into a car crash due to driving skill or being accident prone, try to have the bigger car out of the two. Generally the bigger car (or truck) will have more volume to distribute the force and take less damage, especially if there is a large size difference between your car and the other car involved.

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