How to Approach a Girl (or Woman), and Get a Potential Girlfriend

Males are perplexed and embarrassed by the prospect of engaging in conversation and kindling the beginning of a relationship with the opposite sex, This is understandable, and there are a few good reasons why.

Firstly, they are potentially as lively, smart, and independent as we are — but more beautiful. Females are the fairer sex, and to approach a girl there is a physical barrier that must be crossed. No problem. (Men and post-pubescent boys have been going through this and living up to the challenge for many years.)

More importantly, there is a perpetuation in the media that is aimed at men and tries to make approaching women all the more difficult. If you look up “How to approach a girl” on the Internet, the results you are presented with are frankly USELESS information that will directly inhibit your ability to approach women and get a date. The NUMBER ONE result from Google which is from some pandering writer over at advocates asking for a female’s e-mail address instead of phone number as a trick, and from there goes on to say make a quick exit, be open-minded, and be ready for anything. Another resource tells you to use something called “Fractionation” on women and implores you to submit your e-mail address to find out just what “Fractionation” is.

These are the number one results for researching how to approach women we are talking about. Personally I think the information is extremely inadequate and will not help the average male be able to approach a woman at all. Moreover, feminist organizations and publications are pushing from the opposite direction — advocating that women should be treated differently to a point that they are almost unapproachable at all.

No, these are not the ways to approach a girl or woman successfully. To approach a woman, get dates, and have relationships, it is all about one thing: attitude. Following those other results will cause you to look phony and false (whether you employ the nice, sweet, “I’ll pay for you” attitude or the cocky, bold “I’m a bad boy” attitude.) The attitude that you need to have is one of confidence, independence, and high esteem in both yourself and the female you are approaching.

If you know what women want (there is a superb upcoming article on this available here), how to interact with them based on their own wants and needs, and how to bring the attitude of confidence, independence, and high esteem to the table, you are the alpha male. 90% of the time that you approach women you will be able to successfully engage with them and get a date and from there a potential relationship.

Women WANT you to walk up to them. They want someone to be interested in the things they are interested in (and even things they don’t even know they are interested in.) They want an alpha male to do all these things and carry them with his independence. If you build your engagements with compliments, genuine interest, and the prospect of the future, she will know that you are the alpha male. You can do this both out in the world and online — the online “market” for meeting women has taken off and is growing through technology such as Tinder, GoCupid, etc.

Then she will be the one chasing you. You are her prize, a reward for your efforts of getting involved, getting interested, and showing her you are the alpha male. It is simpler than you would believe and it goes just like that — you engage with her, you show her that your opinion matters, and that you have the attitude of a confident alpha male. Before either you or the woman knows it, you are both engaged in developing and building your mutual attraction.

There are devices that are more important than humor, being a cocky bad boy, or even getting a phone number. Don’t do any of that — just talk with her about stuff that she understands and can sympathize or empathize with, and it is all a matter of time. She will be the one giving you her number, or giving her yours could not be easier.

For further reading I recommend the articles here on What Women Want, What an Alpha Male Is and Is Not, and maybe Where to find Dates and Relationships. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your opinion, and I hope this helps you with how to approach a girl (or woman), and end up with date and a potential girlfriend.

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